Economic instability from Ukraine war will abate over time, UK’s Johnson

LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Britain on Thursday there was no quick fix to the instability prompted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but that the economic consequences of the war would abate over time.

In a speech in the northern town of Blackpool, Johnson said now was not the time to stop supporting Ukraine and even though prices for gas, oil, grain and fertilisers had risen, the West could not force Kyiv to accept peace terms dictated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“And I know there are some who, they argue, not in this country perhaps but elsewhere, that the price of supporting the Ukrainians is now too high and they should be encouraged to accept whatever terms Putin may ask. I do not believe that option is really open to us,” he said.

“Over time I believe the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine will abate.”

(Reporting by William James and Elizabeth Piper; Editing by Kate Holton)