Shortage of materials in German manufacturing eases slightly – Ifo

BERLIN (Reuters) – A shortage of materials in the German manufacturing industry has eased slightly, the Ifo economic institute said on Friday after it surveyed 2,000 companies in the sector.

In April, 75.0% of companies complained about bottlenecks and problems procuring intermediate products and raw materials, down from 80.2% in March, Ifo said.

“It would be wrong to describe the situation as completely relaxed,” said Klaus Wohlrabe, head of surveys at Ifo. “In addition to the war in Ukraine, China is a growing cause for concern.”

Computer manufacturers have been hit hardest by materials shortages, Ifo said, with 91.9% reporting problems.

“Right now, there are no signs that there will be substantial relief in the coming months,” Wohlrabe added.

(Writing by Paul Carrel, Editing by Rachel More)