10 Best Penny Stocks to Buy This Week, February 11

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The bull market might be nearly a decade old, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any growth stocks left to buy. That’s exactly why we’re bringing you the 10 best penny stocks to buy this week.

You see, while money has already poured into the most popular stocks on Wall Street, penny stocks offer quick double-digit growth potential.

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For example, if you bought 500 shares of a $1 penny stock that went up just $0.50 thanks to volatility, you could capture a 50% return on your investment almost instantly.

And to find the best penny stocks – those with real growth potential – we turn to the Money Morning Stock VQScore™.

The VQScore system is our proprietary stock rating system, and it only analyzes the 1,500 most profitable firms on Wall Street. That eliminates the scams and shell companies that plague the penny stock space.

Today we’re going to show you our best penny stock to buy this week. It’s a stock that could soar as much as 50%.

Before we get to our latest pick, here are last week’s top-performing penny stocks:

Penny Stock Sector Current Share Price Last Week’s Gain
Melinta Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: MLNT) Healthcare $1.74 104.01%
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PTX) Healthcare $0.83 84.40%
Top Image Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: TISA) Healthcare $0.82 59.85%
Jason Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: JASN) Healthcare $2.21 58.99%
Maxwell Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: MXWL) Financial $4.66 51.79%
Marathon Patent Group Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA) Healthcare $0.52 51.47%
Forward Pharma A/S (NASDAQ: FWP) Basic Materials $1.53 43.57%
Dixie Group Inc. (NASDAQ: DXYN) Healthcare $1.40 42.86%
Trevena Inc. (NASDAQ: TRVN) Services $1.41 39.60%
Alliance MMA Inc. (NASDAQ: AMMA) Healthcare $4.95 36.18%

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As you can see, penny stocks are still offering money-doubling opportunities even as the broader market slows down.

And the stock we’re about to show you is no exception.

It’s a media company that’s cornered a booming market.

In fact, its stock price could jump as much as 52%. And it’s only trading for $3.29…

The Best Penny Stock to Buy This Week

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