Congratulations on Your 161% Return from HDP

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On March 28, 2017, I shared a report with Money Morning readers about an under-the-radar, cloud-based software company called Hortonworks Inc. (NASDAQ: HDP).

The HDO stock price has skyrocketed 161% since that report came out, which means if you followed its advice, you’ve come close to tripling your money.


On Oct. 4, Hortonworks announced it was merging with another cloud-based software service, Cloudera Inc. (NYSE: CLDR).

That sent the stock price of each company up more than 11% on the day.

When I first brought HDP to the attention of Money Morning readers in 2017, it was trading for $9.36.

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Yesterday (Oct. 4), it closed for $24.48.

That 161% return crushed the Dow Jones Industrial Average‘s meager 29.62% growth over the same time.

Again, if you netted these market-beating gains, congratulations on your triple-digit return.

But if you missed out, that’s okay.

There’s a potentially even more profitable opportunity happening as we speak that I had to make sure our readers were aware of….

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