This Tech Stock to Buy Is Soaring as Unemployment Hits Record Lows

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tech stock to buyRight now, hidden in the otherwise strong employment numbers, is a boom in self-employment, freelance workers, and independent contractors. In other words, people are hanging their own personal shingles and working for themselves.

And that’s created an incredible profit opportunity for the tech stock we’re about to show you today.

According to new reports, the barely talked-about freelance workforce is growing three times faster than overall labor growth. Right now, it contributes $1.4 trillion to the economy. Money Morning Defense and Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson says is the very definition of “disruption” out there in the real economy.

August was the 95th consecutive month in which American employers hired more people than they fired. This is the longest such streak on record and, in part, explains why there are 6.9 million unfilled jobs in America.

It’s never been a better time to follow your dreams and start a business, even if it’s just taking a freelance assignment from time to time.

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What kinds of jobs fit this trend?

Almost anything, these days, from blogger to truck driver; part-time lawyers, accountants, real estate sales agents, handymen/women, and advisors. In fact, 57.3 million people were technically self-employed last year, according to Freelancing in America 2017.

That counts folks who freelanced for the same firm for years, doing almost everything a regular salaried employee does but not getting some of the benefits. What they gain is the flexibility of schedule and sometimes the option to pick and choose their assignments.

With no need to ask a boss for vacation time six months in advance, it’s no wonder this segment of the labor force is growing so fast. The National Federation of Independent Business found last month that small-business optimism is at its highest ever in the 45 years it’s been surveying members.

Don’t forget that business trends are still moving toward more automation through robots and artificial intelligence. Freelancers can be nimbler and work on updating their skills that permanent employees in a firm cannot address. They can work in two areas at the same time, honing their abilities and adapting with the times.

It is also a great time for companies that cater to the independent contractor and small-business operator.

And we have a tech stock to buy today that is raking in profits from this trend…

This Big Tech Stock to Buy Will Soar Thanks to Small Business

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