My Favorite Way to Speculate on High-Flying Pot Stocks

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There’s no shortage of tempting, speculative plays on all the market noise raging right now – the Trump trade, the tariff trade, the midterm trade, and my personal favorite, the earnings season trade.

But there’s one bright, shiny object that stands above all others right now. It’s pure catnip for traders like me, who love action and volatility.

You might even call it addictive.

I’m talking about pot stocks, of course. Canada is barely two weeks away from legalizing weed nationwide, and we all know several U.S. states are already there.

Companies are rushing to fill the expected demand.

There are lots of smaller, speculative companies that have proven irresistible to option traders looking to cash in, big and fast, like the California Gold Rush. Traders have lived and died on those.

But plenty of these firms, like Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON), Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE: CGC), and others stand a real shot at become the blue chips in this sector. Remember – we want to tap the volatility in the sector while limiting downside.

So these “big boys” are the companies we’ll be targeting with our speculative capital today.

Let’s join in the fun…

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