The Best Way to Profit from the $7 Trillion Global Healthcare Industry

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The 2018 midterm elections have evolved into an ultimatum on one critical policy issue: Medicare for all.

Across the country, Bernie Sanders acolytes are rising in Congressional and gubernatorial races. As a result, experts believe the pressures from left-leaning groups could turn the 2020 election into a referendum on universal healthcare in the United States.

healthcare industryThat also means investors are closely watching the healthcare industry, which is already in the middle of a dramatic shift over the last two years.

Mergers between pharmaceutical companies and health insurance firms have altered the market for managed healthcare. These hybrid firms are completely changing the healthcare landscape by streamlining patient care, making it easier to access, and upping profit margins in the process.

That’s why we aren’t worried about any competition from the government. In fact, expanded Medicare will shovel even more money into these companies.

And we have identified a way for you to make a fortune while the rest of Wall Street sits on their hands waiting to see what happens in November.

In fact, this company’s products and services are in high demand in the $7 trillion global healthcare industry.

And its stock is now officially ready for blastoff…

This Healthcare Company Stock Is Ready to Skyrocket

Medicine has shifted over the last two decades from a reactive practice to one that emphasizes prevention and early detection.

At the center of this transition has been the increased innovation and detective qualities of clinical laboratory services.

If you’re smart, you get your blood tested every six months to check for critical markers, including cholesterol, testosterone levels, and blood inflammation levels.

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You see, simple blood tests have dramatically improved your doctors’ abilities to prevent, detect, and treat minor to serious conditions ranging from cardiovascular, diabetes, and blood disorders.

This testing has exploded as a high-demand, high-growth industry.

And if you’re looking to capture your share, we’re about to unveil our top pick in the sector…

The Ultimate “Oil Change” Stock for the Human Body

If you’re looking to get your share of a booming, global growth story, look no further than Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings  (NYSE: LH).

The Burlington, North Carolina-based company operates the largest network of clinical laboratories in the world. Its U.S. network has 36 labs and processes 2.5 million lab tests every week.

The company was an early pioneer in the booming industry for genome testing, and it performs testing in oncology and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) genotyping and phenotyping.

But there’s one reason that the LH stock price is really set to surge…

Laboratory Corp. is now the contracted laboratory provider for every major health insurance company in the United States. It is the exclusive national lab partner for all UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: UNH) customers.

This is the largest health insurance company in the country with roughly 49 million members.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2019, it will become the newest in-network lab partner for Aetna Inc. (NYSE: AET). This adds another 22.1 million medical members to its base, plus another 12.7 million dental members.

But there’s even more to like about LH stock…

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