How “Old” Media Could Be Your Secret to Big, New Profits

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In this special edition of Fast Profits with Money Morning, Executive Editor Bill Patalon sits down with Shah Gilani.

You may recognize Shah from his past appearances on Fast Profits, where he brought viewers the chance at peak gains like:

91% on CBS…

And 292% on VIX…

Now, he’s back again with not just one – but TWO – plays that could easily hand you impressive gains before the end of the year.

Check it out…

Get the trades: Click here to get the details – including the strike prices and expiration dates – of the two trades Shah Gilani just shared with you.

Fast Profits Members: Learn How to Amplify Your Profits with Shah’s “Hyper Trades”

Since the release of his new research service, Shah Gilani has issued nine of his signature “Hyper Trades.”

Five positions were closed out multiple times, giving his readers the chance at a grand total of 13 individual wins.

All but one of these wins were double- and triple-digit winning opportunities.

And the average gain was 42% (including partial closeouts) — a pretty impressive feat.

But what’s really impressive is that, on average, each of these hyper Hyper Trades only lasted 14 days. Talk about FAST profits!

Now, you have the opportunity to learn how to use these Hyper Trades for yourself.

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And hurry – Shah’s issuing FOUR new Hyper Trades in a matter of days.

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