Students Are Demanding to Join the Cryptocurrency Revolution

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Students are demanding to be included in the cryptocurrency revolution by learning about blockchain and crypto coins at the top U.S. schools, according to a CNBC report.

Already, 9% of students surveyed by Coinbase and Qriously have already taken a class related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

cryptocurrency revolutionAnd to accommodate the demand, more universities are offering classes…

The University of Pennsylvania offers the course “Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Distributed Ledger Technology.”

Duke, Cornell, Georgetown, Princeton, Stanford, and NYU also offer courses on blockchain technology, according to

As more people learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we’ll see more businesses launched and new ideas implemented.

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And that means we are getting closer to the widespread adoption of crypto.

Here is a recap of the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap as of 1 p.m. ET

Cryptocurrency Market Cap Price Change (24h)
Bitcoin (BTC) $108,774,462,137 $6,300.66 +0.25%
Ethereum (ETH) $17,476,300,067 $171.48 -6.95%
Ripple (XRP) $10,548,093,142 $0.265609 +2.75%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $7,304,669,081 $421.15 -5.65%
EOS (EOS) $4,375,658,242 $4.83 -0.66%

The Top Cryptocurrency Stories for Sept. 12  

  • Softbank Group Corp. (OTCMKTS: SFTBY) completed a blockchain proof of concept that allows mobile payments across different carriers, according to Sending payments from one carrier to another would especially be useful while traveling abroad. The system could also be used to replace traditional text message systems with a better pool of features.
  • The cryptocurrency revolution may start gaining some new steam in Washington. The Blockchain Association (BA) was launched yesterday (Sept. 11), and its goal is to serve as a unified voice for the blockchain ecosystem. The BA wants to help lawmakers with issues in the crypto space concerning consumer protection, regulation, and cybersecurity, according to
  • Finally, cryptocurrency maverick John McAfee has teamed up with Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinBene. McAfee said that the partnership will help fight corruption.

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