Why Bears Will Enjoy “Best in Breed” Profits This Month

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The “September slide” this week has been excellent for my paid-up subscribers – even some positions that had been sluggish moved higher – because we were well prepared for stocks to gap lower.

We closed out two more winners in Western Digital Corp. (Nasdaq: WDC) puts, and on the “other side” of the market, DSW Inc. (NYSE: DSW) calls for a nice 174% and 78% in gains.

Those results certainly show how our proven “Best in Breed” (BIB) stock-picking methodology works hand in hand with portfolio balance. A mix of calls, puts, bullishness, and bearishness has helped us capitalize on the market’s recent swings.

Right now, BIB is showing retailers as an area of strength for the next couple of months, which is why I’ve been so bullish on them here in Money Morning recently – just look at our DSW position.

Meanwhile, BIB bull’s-eyed the technology sector as a laggard, and sure enough, it’s no longer leading the market higher. Puts in WDC yielded a huge profit. And our other bearish plays in the sector are bouncing back in our favor.

Now let’s take a look at what the market’s showing us for the next four weeks or so…

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Chris also contributes to Money Morning as the Quant Analysis Specialist.

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