Don't Be Left Behind When This Company Makes a Major Announcement

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If the results are positive – as we believe they will be – we are going to see a tiny $7 company go absolutely vertical…

You see, biotech insiders are already swarming…

companyIn fact, they’ve grabbed up nearly nine out of 10 available shares.

It won’t take much buying pressure at all to push this tiny company to $14… $28… or even $56 a share…

And now, a $900 billion Swiss investment firm – banker to over half the world’s billionaires – has just ramped up its stake by over 4,000%.

It’s incredible, and the writing is on the wall.

The time for action is right now

FRENZY: Phase 3 results could spark 72,500% revenue explosion starting Sept. 30 – click here now.

When you add it all up, a conservative projection sees this company experiencing a 72,500% revenue explosion.

You need to move fast to avoid missing out.

Phase 3 results are expected any day now and are due by Sept. 30.

Heavy institutional buying could push this tiny $7 stock out of reach before the phase 3 results are even released.

In other words, you need to move fast to avoid missing out on your shot.

So let’s do this…

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