Bob Woodward Says Reporters Becoming “Emotionally Unhinged” Over Trump

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Bob Woodward is a CIA funcionary, a mouthpiece for the NWO.  On the subject of non-reporting (fake news), how do you explain Nancy Pelosi’s inability to successfully complete a 15 minute speech yesterday with her ability to give a marathon 8 hour speech a month ago?

The answer has to be in the medication she is receiving, the same sort of classified drugs Hillary Clinton has been receiving to arrest the course of the vascular dementia she has.  Remember 9/11/2016, when Clinton did a face plant entering her limousine? Vincent Fleck, who is linked to the release of Hillary’s health records, died in a swimming accident.  Just as with Jeffrey Picower of Madoff Ponzi scheme fame, who drowned in his Palm Beach swimming pool in 2009. 

I think Pelosi’s brain freezes now were an act, a cover-up to prevent people wondering, how could she suddenly make that 8 hour plus speech last month.  Or maybe someone temporarily cut off her supply of the secret drug she was receiving, to keep her in line.

(Bambi and Thumper trying to drown James Bond in a pool)

(8March2018) Mental Meltdown: Pelosi Suffers 16 Brain Freezes in 15 Minute Presser

(7February2018) The 77-year-old Pelosi stood for more than eight hours, reading multiple personal stories from “dreamers” and citing Bible passages. Her speech ranked as the longest given by a member of the House of Representatives in at least a century, possibly ever, focusing on an issue that has vexed Democrats for months.