Stocks Are Suddenly Tanking…

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Maybe there won’t be a big ‘crash’, because they can keep propping. Maybe what we’ll have is a slow, steady, relentless decline, one that hardly registers at first. Like, a week of ups and downs, but it ends with 80 points down. The next week, same thing, but 50 points down. Following week, 75 points down…for weeks and weeks, months and months. A slow hemorrhage, as opposed to a catastrophic bleed-out.

Just enough to destroy wealth without spooking the herd. By the time they catch on, they’ll be so behind they’ll be afraid to sell and finalize the losses. The false calm of the markets will convince them to stay in, try and recoup their losses, but they won’t realize that this is IT, the crash is HAPPENING and there won’t BE any recouping of anything.

If I were “the markets”, and wanted to nail as many investors as possible, that’s how I’D do it…slow and steady, no sudden moves, just chip away at the edges. Give ’em a few up days to keep their interest, but make sure every week ends with them just a bit further behind…I’d reclaim half that wealth before they even knew what was happening.